How do I live without you
After spending so much of my time thinking of you, talking to you, dreaming of you.
How do I go back to the way my life used to be
When you’ve turned my world upside down and taken a piece of my heart with you.
How do I get through the day without seeing your face
When all I ever want to do is wake up to you
How do I stop my heart from skipping a beat every time I see your face
Or every time I hear your voice or someone mentions your name.
How do I stop my hands from shaking
From the urge to touch you, the need to feel you
How do I keep from breaking down
Every time you tell me you don’t care, you don’t listen, you don’t feel
How do I put on a brave face when you do it with such ease
How do I stop myself from crying when you look past me like I’m invisible
How do I get over you when I thought this was forever
How do I live without you when I thought this was irreplaceable
How do I stop loving you, the way you have me…


Life is never easy.
We all experience trials and tribulations that make us stop and wonder
If we are on the right path, doing the right thing, with the right partner.
And sometimes we let these tribulations cast us off into the wrong direction
Doing things we would never have done, would never have been, in search of perfection.
So I sit here and wonder
How could I let this fantasy become reality
When all the while it should have stayed just that; a curiosity.
I should never have let this distraction become any fraction of my life
It’s become an infatuation that I just cannot seem to shake.
I sit here and I realise the surprise I’m feeling that everything I need is before my eyes
And I rise to the fact that all of these obstacles thrown in my way
I can overcome.
So fuck you distraction, you were never part of my plan anyway.


I picked up the phone, it was him on the other end
He requested my company
Said he had a surprise for me
Told me to be prepared and that he’d brought a friend.
Knocking on the front door, my heart rate climbing
He greeted me with a knowing grin
Took my hand to follow him
Up to the bedroom, somebody waiting.
He walked towards me, kissed me softly
I responded and parted my lips
Inviting his tongue to explore and then
Gave him permission to touch me.
He approached from behind, cupping my breasts
Planting soft kisses on the back of my neck
His hands soft as he peeled of my clothes
Lips tracing the arch of my back, making me lose my breath.
Still in my mouth, I could tell he was an expert
His tongue dancing, stroking, teasing
Fingers circling my nipples, hard as pebbles
He knew I was excited, this was my first.
Hands all over me, kisses following suit
They both want me
Both show me they are ready
Lust, sex and wanting filling every part of the room.
Lying on the bed he calls upon me
To taste him, to take him so deep
He fills my mouth, grasps my hair with a moan
Exposed on my hands and knees.
He kneels down behind me, my flower wide open
His hands on my hips
Whilst he licks his lips
And revels in my juices, so wet he could soak in.
Standing firm he orders me to open up wide
I’m gripping the sheets as he thrusts inside
Still in my mouth he demands I don’t stop
Pulling me deep down then back up top.
He’s still behind me taking sure strokes
I’m moaning, he goes deeper with every tone
They flip me over and swap their roles
He straddles my chest and prepares to steal away my soul….


Passing thought…

In my dreams 

In the shadows

In the back of my mind

You are there every minute of every hour of every day

In my thoughts 

In my soul

In the depths of my heart

You will always be the one that’ll stay.

Despite our distance

And after all this time

I cannot seem to shake you

From any part my mind

To you it must now be just a phase

A mistake you made

Not a memory but 

Emotion filled with hate

I’d rather it was that

Then just an empty feeling

As though we were nothing 

And I am the only one not healing

From the greatest love I’ve ever known

From the greatest man I’ve never owned 

And no matter what I try to do

I cannot seem to shake the thought of you

I hope you are truly happy 

I hope you are following your dreams 

I wish nothing but the best for you

I wish it had been me

And if our paths never cross

Throughout the rest of our lives

Please know that I’m sorry

And I’ll love you for a lifetime.


Pretending to be your call girl one night,
I come around looking just right.
To your front door in my spike heeled boots,
Anxious to see if the outfit suits.
Tripping towards the window chair,
Cars driving by catch a stare
At you parting my thighs wide with your knees,
Me arching my back with a need to please.
Down before you then you drop,
All hurriedness seems to stop.
On my mouth there forms a grin,
Begging you to come within.
My senses alive as you lick with leisure,
A cone full of your favourite flavour.
My fingers used to stir the flow,
Knowing you like watching the show.
And into your mouth is offered a taste,
Not one drop let go to waste.
Whispering ‘tell me what you need’,
No more time for play I plead.
I will do anything you ask,
Fulfilling your fantasy my only task.
On your feet then you rise,
Hard already to my surprise.
I take your heat deep in my mouth,
Hear you moan aloud and proud.
You hold my head as I go deep,
Your juices stirring, you start to leak.
Laying back I plead without words,
My hidden lips can now be heard.
I plead, enter me with no hesitation.
You stand firm with no reservations.
Penetrate me with your pride,
With full force you thrust deep inside.
Don’t stop I shout and scream,
A smile, you know im at your mercy.
I push you back and climb up high,
Your favourite place between my thighs.
I ride you hard, look at your face,
Tell me your almost in heaven’s place.
Panting hard I start to orgasm,
Letting go with that wild expression.
I feel you grow and stretch me tight,
Realease your heat with much delight.
We both moan and reach our peeks,
If we close our eyes we both could be
In heaven…

The beginning

Sipping on my glass of wine
We make eye contact over the rim
I feel that feeling wash over me
A passion that stirs from within

An intoxicated mind, a heated body
The combination of my growing desire
I sit next to you knowing you want the same
Between us is undeniable fire

A kiss on my neck, my eyes start to close
And with it I feel myself tighten
Your hand on my leg, gently stroking towards
A place where the pleasure is heightened

Parting my legs I can see in your eyes
Your surprise to find nothing between
Your fingers, my flower and I gasp with pleasure
As you dip slowly into the cream

I am…

I am here
Down before you on my knees
I am yours
To do with what you please
I am open
My legs that hide my burning fire
I am ready
To fulfil your dreams, your desires
I am offering
My flower, sweet as nectar
I am giving
My mind body and soul