Pretending to be your call girl one night,
I come around looking just right.
To your front door in my spike heeled boots,
Anxious to see if the outfit suits.
Tripping towards the window chair,
Cars driving by catch a stare
At you parting my thighs wide with your knees,
Me arching my back with a need to please.
Down before you then you drop,
All hurriedness seems to stop.
On my mouth there forms a grin,
Begging you to come within.
My senses alive as you lick with leisure,
A cone full of your favourite flavour.
My fingers used to stir the flow,
Knowing you like watching the show.
And into your mouth is offered a taste,
Not one drop let go to waste.
Whispering ‘tell me what you need’,
No more time for play I plead.
I will do anything you ask,
Fulfilling your fantasy my only task.
On your feet then you rise,
Hard already to my surprise.
I take your heat deep in my mouth,
Hear you moan aloud and proud.
You hold my head as I go deep,
Your juices stirring, you start to leak.
Laying back I plead without words,
My hidden lips can now be heard.
I plead, enter me with no hesitation.
You stand firm with no reservations.
Penetrate me with your pride,
With full force you thrust deep inside.
Don’t stop I shout and scream,
A smile, you know im at your mercy.
I push you back and climb up high,
Your favourite place between my thighs.
I ride you hard, look at your face,
Tell me your almost in heaven’s place.
Panting hard I start to orgasm,
Letting go with that wild expression.
I feel you grow and stretch me tight,
Realease your heat with much delight.
We both moan and reach our peeks,
If we close our eyes we both could be
In heaven…

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