Passing thought…

In my dreams 

In the shadows

In the back of my mind

You are there every minute of every hour of every day

In my thoughts 

In my soul

In the depths of my heart

You will always be the one that’ll stay.

Despite our distance

And after all this time

I cannot seem to shake you

From any part my mind

To you it must now be just a phase

A mistake you made

Not a memory but 

Emotion filled with hate

I’d rather it was that

Then just an empty feeling

As though we were nothing 

And I am the only one not healing

From the greatest love I’ve ever known

From the greatest man I’ve never owned 

And no matter what I try to do

I cannot seem to shake the thought of you

I hope you are truly happy 

I hope you are following your dreams 

I wish nothing but the best for you

I wish it had been me

And if our paths never cross

Throughout the rest of our lives

Please know that I’m sorry

And I’ll love you for a lifetime.

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