I picked up the phone, it was him on the other end
He requested my company
Said he had a surprise for me
Told me to be prepared and that he’d brought a friend.
Knocking on the front door, my heart rate climbing
He greeted me with a knowing grin
Took my hand to follow him
Up to the bedroom, somebody waiting.
He walked towards me, kissed me softly
I responded and parted my lips
Inviting his tongue to explore and then
Gave him permission to touch me.
He approached from behind, cupping my breasts
Planting soft kisses on the back of my neck
His hands soft as he peeled of my clothes
Lips tracing the arch of my back, making me lose my breath.
Still in my mouth, I could tell he was an expert
His tongue dancing, stroking, teasing
Fingers circling my nipples, hard as pebbles
He knew I was excited, this was my first.
Hands all over me, kisses following suit
They both want me
Both show me they are ready
Lust, sex and wanting filling every part of the room.
Lying on the bed he calls upon me
To taste him, to take him so deep
He fills my mouth, grasps my hair with a moan
Exposed on my hands and knees.
He kneels down behind me, my flower wide open
His hands on my hips
Whilst he licks his lips
And revels in my juices, so wet he could soak in.
Standing firm he orders me to open up wide
I’m gripping the sheets as he thrusts inside
Still in my mouth he demands I don’t stop
Pulling me deep down then back up top.
He’s still behind me taking sure strokes
I’m moaning, he goes deeper with every tone
They flip me over and swap their roles
He straddles my chest and prepares to steal away my soul….


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